Saturday, February 20, 2010

Computers Laptops and Smartphones

Read about "Computers, Laptops and Smartphones" on your mobile phone.
This is a book, written in English, which you can read on your hand held device.
It is compatible with most phones. Read about "Computers, Laptops and Smartphones" and more

clock learning

cool application that helps you to learn analog clock by testing your self. click on keys "1","3","4","6" to change minutes and hours. if you set the time and hour as required you will get a green success messege.


Welcome to the home of Ignition MobiWidge, where you can build in a matter of minutes your own branded widgets for mobile phone promotional campaigns.Does your brand operate a mobile WAP site for promotional purposes but you’re struggling to get major traffic flows?Or, your user numbers are pretty good but you want to turbo-charge them big time?Look no further.MobiWidge enables you to create your own promotional widget in turn making it dead easy for users - your customers - to access your mobile site.It’s like having a ‘one-click’ branded icon on your computer desktop only it’s on your mobile phone.No longer does accessing your site require users to locate the phone browser and then enter a URL. Simply, all they need to do is click on the widget icon. Go to to find out more..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Labyrinth J2ME

Labyrinths to play at your cell phone.
Requires a MIDP 2.0 supported device.

Source code available at

(Labirintos para jogar no celular.
Requer um aparelho com suporte à MIDP 2.0.)

Código-fonte disponível em


Marv the Miner is an arcade/platform game inspired by the old Atari 2600 classic Miner 2049er. The game contains 32 levels and lots of cool features such as teleports, elevators, suckers, crunchers, slides and more.

Fashion Fun

Your name is Sarah, a beautiful woman who is always looking for the latest fashion in clothes and accessories, and have always been ready to buy the best that fashion can offer. The goal of each level is to remove a certain number of coloured stones from the playfield and accumulate as much money as possible. By doing so, you will be awarded with money that will allow you to buy new clothes. We’ll see how much you love fashion by buying all the clothes available in the game!

Burning Bubbles Lab 2

Burning Bubbles Lab - Part 2

  • 40 new thrilling missions with challenging extras (bombs, debris)
  • Multiplayer mode: "bubble battle" your friends via bluetooth
  • Arcade mode: beat the high scores
  • Groovin' in-game sound track!

...and including all the fun of the original Burning Bubbles Lab game.

Your mission:
You are a scientist at the Burning Bubbles Research Center trying to eliminate toxic bubbles. Shoot them with bubbles of the same color. Groups of three or more equal-colored bubbles fall down. If your experimental chamber flows over, everything will blow up.

Good luck!